PSRI Ocean State Exhibition and Competition

Each year the PHOTOGRAPHIC SOCIETY OF RHODE ISLAND (PSRI) sponsors the PSA sanctioned OCEAN STATE EXHIBITION to showcase images from individuals and Camera Clubs around the World.

Cape Cod Viewfinders enters as a club with participating members each submitting four images to be judged. Acceptance in the Exhibition is generally 30-35% of the total images entered. Approximately 26 medals are awarded by the three judges.


2016 PSRI CCVF Results

2016 Ocean State International Catalog


2014 PSRI CCVF Results

2014 Ocean State International Catalog


2013 PSRI CCVF Results
2013 Ocean State International Catalog


2012 PSRI CCVF Results
2012 Ocean State International Catalog


2011 PSRI CCVF Results
2011 Ocean State International Catalog


2010 PSRI Ocean State Exhibition Report Card
2010 CCVF Accepted Images
2010 Ocean State Catalog of Medal Winners and Acceptances


2009 CCVF Member Scores Report
2009 Ocean State report of all entrants
2009 Ocean State Catalog of Images and Acceptances

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