New England Camera Club Council Competition

2021 NECCC Projected Image Results

NECCC Competition_Report_Winter_2021.pdf

NECCC-Report-Fall 2021.pdf

2020-2021 Year End Winning Images.pdf

2020 NECCC Projected Image Results

NECCC Report-Fall-2020-1.pdf


 2017-2018 Results


 2018 NECCC Print of the Year

 2018 Print of the Year Report--Final

 NECCC 2018 Print of the Year Image Gallery

 NECCC Spring 2017-2018 Results-- CCVF Only

NECCC Spring 2017-2018 Electronic Inter-club Competition

NECCC Spring 2017-2018 Print Competition

NECCC Winter 2017-2018 Results-- CCVF Only

NECCC Winter 2017-2018 Electronic Inter-club Competition

NECCC Winter 2017-2018 Print Competition

NECCC Fall 2017-2018 Results- CCVF Only

NECCC Fall 2017-2018 Electronic Inter-club Competition

NECCC Fall 2017-2018 Print Competition




NECCC 2017 Conference

Projected Image Competition – Nature

Best Bird – Janet Dimattia – Starling Feeding Begging Offspring


Projected Image Competition – Open

Judge’s Award Kelly Walkotten – Janet Dimattia – Rufous Leaving Bee Balm

HM – Debbie Owen – Cuban Man

HM – Peter Selig – Fire On Deck


Print Competition – B/W

John Vondell Memorial Award – Best Landscape – B/W – Debbie Owen –  Val D’orcia, Tuscany

2016-2017 Results

NECCC Spring 2016-2017 Results-CCVF Only

NECCC Spring 2016-2017 Electronic Interclub Competition

NECCC Spring 2016-2017-Print Competition


NECCC Winter 2016-2017 Results-CCVF Only

NECCC Winter 2016-2017 Electronic Interclub Competition

NECCC Winter 2016-2017 Print Competition


NECCC 2016 Fall 2016 2017 Results CCVF only

NECCC Fall 2016 Electronic Interclub Competition

Fall 2016 Inter-club Print Competition


2015-2016 Print of the Year

The 2015-2016 prints (color, B/W Class A and Class B) of the year were judged at the Merrimac Valley Camera on May 18, 2016.

The NECCC holds three competitions (Fall, Winter, Spring) during the year and any 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place prints from these competitions is eligible for the POY competition.

We compete in Class A in B/W. Color is judged in one class.

Michael Karchmer’s, “In Thought” won the Image of the Year in B/W, Class A.

Jon Rolf’s, “Eagles Fighting Over Salmon” won the Image of the Year, Color.

These awards will be presented in Amherst, MA at the 2016 Conference in July.

2015-2016 Results

NECCC Interclub Competition Results

NECCC 2015 Fall CCVF Only

NECCC 2015-2016 Winter CCVF Only

NECCC 2015 2016 Spring CCVF only

NECCC 2015 Conference

Photodex teamed up with Sigma and the New England Camera Club Council to put together a video showcasing the 40 semi-finalists in the Sigma Showcase Photo Contest held during the 70th annual NECCC conference last week. In the end the judges selected one grand prize and two runners up. See the winning images below. Video slideshow made with ProShow Producer. Congratulations to the winners and all the semi-finalists!

Peter Selig and Janet DiMattia were among the 40 semi-finalists.

Semi-finalist Video Slideshow Showcase

2014-2015 Results CCVF Only

2015 Spring
2015 Winter
2014 Fall

NECCC 2014 Conference

NECCC 2014 Conference

2013-2014 Results CCVF Only

2014 Spring
2014 Winter
2013 Fall

2012-2013 Results CCVF Only

2013 Spring
2013 Winter
2012 Fall

2011-2012 Results

2012 Spring – CCVF Only
2012 Spring Complete

2012 Winter – CCVF Only
2012 Winter Print Complete Report

2011 Fall – CCVF Only

2010-2011 Results

2011 Spring Results – CCVF Only
2011 Spring Print Complete Report

2011 Winter Results – CCVF Only
2011 Winter Digital Complete Report
2011 Winter Print Complete Report

2010 Fall – CCVF Only
2010 Fall Digital Complete Report
2010 Fall Print Complete Report

2009-2010 Results

2010 Spring – CCVF Only
Spring 2010 Digital Complete Report
2010 Spring Print Complete Report

2010 Winter – CCVF Only
2010 Winter Digital Complete Report
2010 Winter Print Complete Report

2009 Fall – CCVF Only
2009 Fall Digital Complete Report
2009 Fall Print Complete Report

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