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About Viewfinders Facebook Page  

If you have not been on our Facebook page in the last few months, you have missed 

  • seeing others' images 
  • offering or seeking feedback 
  • learning about new equipment 
  • receiving various software tips and tricks 
  • reading photographic historical, ethical, journalistic, and philosophical issues 
  • hearing about photographers' workshop experiences 
  • learning about new places on the Cape to photograph 
  • and so, so much more 

Our Facebook Philosophy: Our Facebook secret site is for our present members only. It is for 

  • Posting and sharing all photography information, our own photography, relevant photography notices and club notices. 
  • No solicitation or promotion of any businesses, political info, charities, groups, organizations, etc. is allowed. 

Our secret FB group is more than worth the cost of admission (free), and you do not have to be a Facebook user to participate. You can sign up for an account but never use it (except to access our secret group!). 

 We strongly encourage all members to join our Viewfinders Facebook Page

For a direct link to our Facebook page,
click here.

If you have not signed on to our secret FB page, 

this link will not connect.

How to Become a Member of our Facebook Community 

1. If you do not have a FB account, you need to create one. Go to Follow the directions for creating a new account.

2. Once you have a FB account, email Carole Corcoran <> requesting that you wish to join VF FB page. Include your email address and that you wish to join in “Subject” area of your email. Within a reasonable time you will receive an email from CCVFFB inviting you to join. Click “Confirm”. Nothing more needs to be done.

3. If you have a FB account, email Carole Corcoran <> that you wish to join. Include your email address and that you wish to join in the “Subject” area of your message. Within a reasonable time, you shall receive notification that you are a member of our Facebook page.

4. If you need any additional help, email Carole Corcoran or Joann Eldridge  


Joann Eldridge<>
Carole Corcoran<      

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